The new age of accounting advisory

Evolution starts here.

We created Solaris under one overarching guiding principle: how can we shatter an outdated model and better serve our clients and consultants? Innovation is at our core, and we knew the accounting advisory world needed a modern approach to how firms match with talent.

We invite our clients to be as involved as they’d like to be in the selection process. We trust they know their specific needs and encourage them to handpick consultants from our roster of high-caliber talent. Meanwhile, we offer unlimited growth opportunities for our consultants, and this kind of customization and control allows for everyone to have a greater say in shaping their future. Nobody knows where they want to go better than you and at Solaris, we hand you the keys.

Only Forward Momentum

Backed by industry vets, Roessel Joy, Solaris is set to become the largest accounting advisory firm in Boston. Comprised of former Big 4 accounting professionals and driven by cutting edge technology, we are creating a radically progressive consulting model to keep up with an ever- evolving industry. We cut unnecessary costs and red tape, which ensures that our clients pay less for consultants and our consultants out earn our competitors.

Aim Higher. Accomplish More.

At Solaris we give you the freedom to explore unique opportunities and the autonomy to figure out what works best for you. We don’t believe in micromanaging or handholding, and instead trust that when given the right tools and support, you’ll not only meet your goals, but surpass them and create new ones. Think of us as your biggest career advocates, empowering you to garner massive wins, while providing ample resources when you need them.

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